colour matching tube lights

Colour Matching Tube Lights

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we can help you in providing the colour matching tubelights as per exact specification for your colour matching cabinent .

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  • we can provide you the tube light at the lowest price available in delhi,India
  • quick response to your requirements.
  • we are group Textile engg who understands your needs in more technical ways than others.


Colour appear diffirent on different light source. Therfore light source plays vital role in colour like Textiles,dyeing,photography the matching of colour standard with the production samples is very vital.

The light source mainly used in the light matching cabinets are as below.

  • D-65(Artifical day light) it is the simulation of the Day light of north hemisphere at 12 noon .
  • TL-84/TL-83. it is the shoplight used in european countries. In other word it is light at sale.
  • UL-30/UL-40-(warm white fluroscent). it is also shop light used in america. Therfore these tube lights are american standard.
  • UV Light(ultraviolet light). this is basicaly used to find out the presence of optical brightening agent or fluroscent pigments in the tested sample
  • CWF(cool white fluoroscent) it is also an American standard.


The important things to remeber here is the CRI Index(colour rendering index) & colour temperature while choosing the tube lights for your colur matching cabinet. The standards that are followed intenationaly are as below.

All the tubelights are Made in Holland/Poland /USA

All these tube lights are recommended by H&M, Gap,Spencer ,Walamart,carefour,Mother Care,Tesco etc.

Tube light specifications

Tube light specifications Colour temp CRI Index Lumen
Day light (D-65) Philips Tl-D 90 graphica pro 18 w/965 slv 6500K 98 870
verivide D-65 6500K 98 870
philips Tl-D 90 Deluxe 18 w/965 slv 6500k 98 760
Shop Light TL-83 Philips Master TL-D xtra super 80 18w/830 slv 3000K 83 1330
verivide TL-83 3000 K 85 1750
Shop Light TL-84 Philips Master TL-D xtra super 80 18w/840 slv 4000 K 84 870
verivide TL-84 4000 K 84 870
UV Light Philips Tl-18 w/18(Black)      
A light

Tungstan Light Bulbs Philips 40 w

2856 K    
U-30 Philips 3000 K 83 870
U-40 Philips 4000 K 84 870

For odering your tubelights contacts Tube Lights for Colour Matching cabinent ,India

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